Member of GOBO-group



Almost 60 years ago Wiel Wijsen started in Gulpen stocking up the dairy farmers from the local dairy factory. This dairy was delivered in the very early morning and thus this young entrepreneur had the opportunity to deploy his truck during the afternoon hours for the transport of other agricultural products. And with great success! It was the start of a local transport firm that has become today’s ‘Wijsen Logistics’ company. The milk has disappeared from our product offering, but our service level and prompt service provision still are like old times


And not only the second generation of the Wijsen family works with passion and enthusiasm at the firm. There are several drivers whose fathers and grand-fathers are or have been driving for Wijsen. This illustrates the great atmosphere within the company. The unique individuality of the Wijsen family concern; loyalty towards each other, operational management focused on continuity, punctuality, dedication, involvement and correct manners, are all highly appreciated by the employees at Wijsen. Caring, service-oriented and flexibility are in the DNA of the entire team at Wijsen. Which is precisely the basis for the customer relation. Based on trust and personal contact long-term and close relations have been developed between customers and the company in the course of time. Customers appreciate the high service level and the honest price-quality ratio. This makes them proud at Wijsen!

New Chapter; member of the GOBO-group

As of december 2019, wijsen Logistics is part of the GOBO-group. “GOBO is a solid partner and also an agile family business wich can continue our transport en logistics activities. The service and quality will be guaranteed as part of the GOBO-group” says Bert and Henny Wijsen. GOBO is already expert in France, and Wijsen is Switzerland specialist. Because of the geographical dispersion, we are perfectly complementary to each other. “ This is how we can optimise and extend our services towards our clients”, says GOBO-owner Jurgen Gobyn Together with a team of 65 employees in Germany and The Netherlands, Wijsen works on a flourishing, internationally operating logistics company. Every day, about 55 trucks are on route from Maastricht to destinations in Northern and Western Europe. Within the GOBO-group, we dispose of a fleet of about 130 trucks and 250 trailers and tanktrailers. And with our transport and logistics activities we are located on 6 locations in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia