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Because of Maastricht’s favourable location, it is possible to make day trips to foreign destinations. Within a radius of 300 km we make daily trips to the Benelux, Northern France and the Ruhr area. One pallet or a load of 24 tons; we guarantee the load to arrive at its destination. With care and right on time.

  • Daily
  • From Maastricht +300km
  • From one pallet

Do you have a job to be done, just let us know; call +31(0)43 604 96 00 We like to think along with you!




The undeniable central location of Maastricht, the excellent connection to motor- and water ways and the proximity of several airports provide Wijsen Logistics was a large scope. Every day we are on the road for our customers. Our specialty: the shuttle-service Benelux-Switzerland. On this route also loading and unloading takes place in the Alsace area and in Southern Germany (Black Forrest).

  • Unique border location
  • Daily to Switserland
  • Customized

Do you want to make use of this ‘shuttle-service’ or do you have other question regarding our long-distance transport? We can be reached 24 hours a day. We also take care of your customs documents.



The administration coming with an international transport to and from countries outside the EEU simply cannot be avoided. After all there are legal requirements that you as an entrepreneur must comply with in case of the transport of cargo. We will relieve you of this ‘paper dead impedimenta’. Thanks to our expertise and ample experience this is done flawlessly and without delay. Do you want to know more? Please do not hesitate to consult us.

  • Years of experience
  • No paper work
  • Flawlessly through customs

Goods produced in a country belonging to the European Union are duty-free. However, on the condition that an ‘invoice statement’ of the customer is attached. The invoice statement is only valid if the invoice value is less than € 6000,-. If the value is higher than you could attach a EUR. 1 certificate, available from the Chamber of Commerce.

Mind you: the signature should be the original, so no copies or a stamp and preferably written in blue ink.



We can help you with ‘warehousing’ or entry, storage and removal of goods. We offer 5000 square meters of space for storage of goods. Thus you save precious storage space and manpower. Your goods are safe. The storage warehouse complies with the current laws and regulations and safety requirements. Our employees pay attention to your goods. We can also take care of the sorting, wrapping and quality-control of your goods. For our team each pallet is a pallet and is dealt with accordingly. Also in this way we work on a long-term relation with the customer.

  • Storage
  • Order picking
  • Goods stored safely
  • With care and attention

Interested? We would like to answer all your questions.